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Integrating Fitness

Integrating Fitness By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2008 Webster’s Dictionary defines fitness as “the state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.”  Other definitions broaden fitness to include “physical and mental well being as well as our ability to be suitably adapted to our… Read more »

Healthy Relationships = Healthy Planet

Healthy Relationships = Healthy Planet by Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2008 Relationships are the single most important element of our human experience.  How we relate to our self and each other is essentially our primary purpose.  Think about it; we are born to one another, and we often die with one another, and the… Read more »

Shadow Work

Jungian Shadow Work takes Healing to New Levels. By Laura Castanza and Julia George © 2008 Psychologist Carl Jung is renowned for his work involving dream analysis and the Subconscious mind; but perhaps one of the most important areas of his work is that of the Shadow. As a young student of Sigmund Freud, Carl… Read more »