“Julia has a unique way of conveying a message in very subtle ways that the soul can recognize…”


“Shadow work has helped me better integrate the whole of who I am. I used breath work and other modalities as mediums to bring healing and awareness into my life. Although it helped me uncover much of what was hidden in my subconscious, I was still suffering greatly.¬† I was feeling fragmented, confused, and unbalanced. Working on my shadow traits with Julia, has enabled me to see my life through a different perspective. This has been about learning to look at the many sides and colors of my ego with attention and acceptance instead of allowing my ego to act on behalf of my conscious being.

I am now more in my power to make decisions that are aligned with my true self… great lessons about patience and perseverance. There are no magic pills to make life problem free, or have someone else absolve me of taking care of challenges. This work has been totally about ME, my process of learning to take care of myself, and to be accountable for my words and actions. The power of shadow work is not only in the lessons I just described, but more in Julia’s unique way of conveying a message in very subtle ways that the soul can recognize, her unshakable support and her conviction at the possibility to bring about change.”

LaTru –¬†Administrative Ranch Assistant


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