Actualizing the Subconscious


by Laura Castanza and Julia George 2012

As we travel in the human body on Earth, our physical existence requires our primary concentration. We seek all the essentials to keep us alive (food, water, shelter), as well as our perceived needs (money, job, a mate). When we consider what constitutes our own species, what we as human beings are actually made of, we discover that our physical self is only a small part of who we really are, and our perceived needs may be far less than actual.

Our physical body exists as a vessel carrying us from place to place, but the intricacies of our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, wield much more power and depth in creating our reality. We can link our physical self scientifically to genetics but our inner bodies are much more enigmatic as they reside beneath our superficial self. The energy of these bodies contained mostly in our subconscious, manifests in all of our experiences.

The subconscious lies beneath consciousness; a purgatory between the unconscious and total awareness. Our subconscious contains a wealth of self knowledge and has the potential to bring forth light. But, it often suppresses truth beginning with our karmic entry and the experiences we’ve chosen to evolve our soul to higher levels.

These experiences from this or past lifetimes, becomes“our story”. It is a cumulative compilation of familial, cultural, and societal influences we have lived prior to our self awareness. Our own personal story along with the story of each and every member of our human family is collectively known as “the human condition”. This “condition” consists of nothing more than subconscious energy.

Today this “human condition” is one of suffering because in an unaware state, we are more apt to react from the damaged parts of our psyche. Had we a truly loving upbringing, suffering still exists in the world and is felt at energetic levels. As our species works toward self awareness and mastery, the collective consciousness will shift more rapidly, healing us and the planet.

The subconscious is like a magnet attracting situations, people, and circumstances to help us attain what we need to heal at a soul level. Whether positive or negative, our soul is challenged with the choice to fear OR embrace our life with love and transform. Fear or love is the only choice, as neither can exist in the same continuum. To make healthier choices, we must look deeply into our driving force.

Our motivation (drive) and our intention (goal) set the stage in our decision making. We often fail to realize the subconscious patterns at work in our life. A pattern can be described as functioning on “autopilot”, where we go about functioning in a familiar or mundane fashion with little to no thought at all. Present moment awareness requires us to be engaged in ways that evoke our emotions, while “autopilot” can sever our connection to life. How do we regain control?

The only control we have is in and of our mind; although, it may require a lifetime or more of self discipline to truly understand and work with our mind’s manifestations. Because we have a brain, we have the ability to explore the multitude of reasons and meanings associated with our intentions and actions.

Our intentions play out in our attempt to get our needs met. What we perceive/think we “need” in life is not necessarily what is needed for our soul’s advancement. Such thoughts and feelings of “need” can be: to find a mate, to make more money regardless of having enough, changing jobs or locale due to dissatisfaction…etc. The common motivator is a sense of lack and dissatisfaction of self. If our intentions are based on satisfying our wants (dictated by our personality/ego), the Universe will make a correction if our soul need does not align. We may find a mate, more money, a new job and/or town to live in, but our dissatisfaction will continue without awareness of our subconscious patterns in play. This is the reality of our journey.

When we embark on the journey of self awareness, it is commonly ignited by a major, painful occurrence in our life: a serious accident, an illness, a death, a failed relationship, loss of job, etc… Prior to such an occurrence, we’ve been operating on “autopilot”, with little to no thought about what’s going on within or around us. More than likely there have been warning signs or “red flags”telling us of a need to change, but we have been either oblivious or actively denying universal messages signaled in minor events leading to our awakening.

Not all awakenings are the result of drama or trauma; yet pain is part of the process, even when we experience a slow and steady rise to consciousness. It begins with the repetition of patterns we act out, surfacing from our subconscious mind. When we become aware of these patterns causing us pain, we are simultaneously given the opportunity to change our approach through thought, feeling, and action. This is a conscious awakening. But, if we have the same pain over seemingly different things, and fall victim to it, we will perpetuate the pattern and remain in darkness.

Each experience of pain is an indicator for growth, like when our body changes from child to adult. The pain associated with our growth in consciousness correlates to taking responsibility for our experience in every situation with all involved. There is a level of responsibility we accept (consciously or subconsciously), every time we engage with another. If we choose to look at our life as our creation, it gives us tremendous control to embrace the situation, do things differently, and create a better experience for everyone.

Emotional Awareness liberates us from our subconscious patterns. Identifying how we feel gradually moves us towards self knowledge through seeing how we operate, driving us towards divinity or doom. Knowing how we feel based on our story and tapping into the potential of being our best in the life we create, is the path towards healing. Harmony and awareness then replaces our old patterns of conflict and denial.

The Universe consistently reinforces our decisions in a way to show us who and where we are. The “answers” we seek reside in our own subconscious which lies just beneath the surface: our motivations/mind, feelings/emotion, and connection/spirit.  We must be willing to explore the vast landscape of our self through our mind, while proactively acknowledging the feelings that arise within each thought.  This journey to actualize the subconscious can take place at any time. Making that choice is the ultimate act of self love and our gift to the world.

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