This is where we share ourselves with this world! We are growing and doing the work wherever we go…arresting the old stories and utilizing our healing energy to transform outdated belief systems. We know how we feel and are cognizant of projecting our shadow side outside of ourselves. This small group envisions attracting like minded souls and expanding the collective. Looking forward to seeing you here soon!


Julia George

…knew her purpose at a very young age, realizing the messages surrounding her entire childhood. Growing up with two immediate family members suffering with mental illness, she began studying the mind by the age of thirteen (13), reading books such as Cosmic Consciousness, The Discovery of the Unconscious Mind and the studies of Carl Jung. The rejection of organized religion and seeing all belief systems as valid, was also a part of her process.

As a teen, she disguised her psychic ability attributed to the serious and heavy responsibility she felt went along with it. It was not until Julia reached her 30′s that she could no longer deny the divine intelligence that would flow through her.

Utilizing untainted mental clarity and intuitive awareness, Julia is in contact with the core of the subconscious mind. This is where all emotional healing begins. Now in her 6th decade, with sharp intellectual focus and a deeper connection to her inner wisdom, Julia fully embracing her own shadow, is adept at guiding others out of their own darkness into light… where all human beings can reside in love, self acceptance, acceptance of all others, and of life.

But it can’t be all about dark shadows and sad stories can it? Julia brings a considerable quantity of positive energy to her students by spending her “off time” playing with the ocean, singing, dancing, flying with the birds, cooking for friends, and spending quality time with her chosen family in nature. Oh Happy Day!


Laura Castanza


A South Florida Native, Laura is an active resident in the beautiful coastal city of Boca Raton, traveling mostly through intellectual and spiritual realms to live more sustainably where she is and cultivate healthy relationships with others. The cultural diversity and subtropical environment of South Florida keeps her close to home and offers a multitude of opportunities in creative, educational, and entrepreneurial arenas as well as an abundance of unblemished natural habitats to explore.

The friendship and collaboration with Julia George at the start of this millennium (the Aquarian Age) prompted progressive ideas and perspective, and an evolutionary path of healing that most will not embark upon in this lifetime. This manifested physically when they opened a local artisan gallery, Aquarian Age, intended to raise the level of consciousness in their city.

Since closing the gallery three (3) years later, the healing continues as Julia teaches others through individual soul sessions and/or small groups and workshops, and Laura generates written compositions related to reaching greater awareness for Aquarian Age and local publication Natural Awakenings of Broward County. Laura is available for creative collaboration on various projects, teaching sustainable practices for the health of all and our planet, and incorporating all of the above in every facet of life. Laura can be reached at and/or 561.862.5055


Steve Cucinotta

Multi Media Maverick and Photographer…Steve brings the art of intuitive originality and technical savvy to a multitude of creative arenas.

With a discerning eye for detail and impeccable work ethic, Steve blends his passion for photography, painting, and digital know-how to create visual masterpieces for clients and friends alike. His forte; troubleshooting and disassembling/deconstructing problems in order to resolve, conveys healthy, supportive communication in an effort to avenue seemingly “dead ends”.

His approach to life is fresh and progressive. A music aficionado and car enthusiast, Steve works diligently with others to inform, innovate, and evolve.

To contact Steve call, 954-873-8610 and