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Human beings are social creatures and naturally gravitate towards each other throughout a lifetime. Beginning with family, we establish a social network, then branch out to develop friendships. As we mature, our social circles expand to include work and areas of interest. When we sustain a connection with a group, it becomes our tribe. How long we sustain within the tribe is a matter of time, based on our soul’s commitment.

The Story

by Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2018 Our lives are a culmination of personal experiences from this lifetime and others, shaped by family, culture, and society. We openly share it or selectively hide it. Either way, our story lives within us as a blessing or a burden depending upon our level of awareness. Once we… Read more »

“Shadow Work is the deepest and most thorough way to get to the heart of the soul…”

I wasn’t paying attention to anything in my life; I was just existing. I was 23 years old. Julia and I worked together and had regular conversations that snapped me into reality…the reality that I was living in such a way that I wasn’t taking care of myself. It was then that I started my… Read more »

“Working with Julia has given me insight…tools…and courage…”

Julia has extraordinary intuition & laser focused awareness; my work with her has given me the insight to understand the patterns in my life that divert me from my own peace and joy, the tools to break up those patterns, and the courage to forgive myself, and everyone else. It’s an iterative process; becoming aware… Read more »

“Julia is the perfect combination of tough love and truth…”

Most of my life I lived in fear, always trying to hide my insecurities with “a fake it ’til ya make it” mentality. Life was controlling me and I felt confused, lost, and powerless. Having spent thousands of dollars with coaches and therapists, I was left unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and felt there was more that was not being… Read more »

Unifying Duality

by Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2016 The “One World” view typically relates to world peace through unified human action.  It is portrayed to be something we participate in externally outside of our self, when the complete opposite is true; it’s an inside job.  Our existence is dualistic in nature – wrong and right, shadow… Read more »

Perfect Partnerships

By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2015   Society and culture create the canvas of our larger belief systems and protocol in relating with one another. Family dynamics paint a detailed picture of how we relate more intimately.  Partnerships are intimate relationships we develop for business, friendship, companionship, and procreation.  This one-on-one arena is truly… Read more »

Die Before You Die

By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2015 As natural as the cessation of the physical body is, death is a difficult subject to address, surfacing strong feelings and memories we either acknowledge or deny. Human emotions are powerful and it is rare we perceive death as the normal and frequent cycle evident in everyday living…. Read more »

Emotional Availability

by Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2014 The relationships we develop in this lifetime with our fellow Earth beings begin with our immediate caregivers. From this foundation, we connect with others as acquaintances, friendships, and intimate partnerships. The primary link to the health of these relationships is based on the feelings experienced with others at… Read more »

“It was exactly what I needed, and ultimately, a requirement”…

“Julia’s fearless and direct approach is precisely what is needed when one must dive into the “darkness” within themselves. She has an amazing gift.  It takes you into those places we so often refuse to go, but know that we must.  With her ability to pinpoint the issues we struggle with and place them directly… Read more »