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Bridging the Physical and Spiritual

by Laura Castanza and Julia George As we experience our human existence in physical form, there is a conscious and subconscious struggle with the duality of our earthly existence and its limitations beginning at birth and ending at death.  Without a map or clear direction of what is to come or how long we will… Read more »

Who Are We?

Who Are We? By Julia George and Laura Castanza ©2011 “Who are we?” is a question that bewilders many of us. Here we are on planet Earth; a vast and diverse place yet small and simple in proportion to the Universe. From our human perspective, our world seems dualistic with many opposites, mismatches, and comparatives…. Read more »

Redefining Relationship

By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2011 As scientifically and technologically progressive we are as a human race, the most important issue screaming for advancement is our current pattern of connecting and bonding with others. Statistically, 6 out of 10 marriages fail; others remain intact by supporting hidden agendas, and single people move in and… Read more »

Soul Mates

By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2011 Emotionally bonding with others is one of the most important aspects of our human experience in a lifetime. We create relationships based upon commonality and likeness, and strive to sustain them for as long as possible. When we bond intimately on an emotional level, we often refer to… Read more »

Conscious Communication

By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2010 Human beings have one of the most evolved yet complex means of communicating with each other. Written and spoken word is expressed through countless languages and dialects within our world, enhanced by non-verbal cues and physical movements that accentuate our intention when communicating in-person. It is a challenge… Read more »

Working Through Process Addiction

By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2009 Addiction appears in the lives of every human being in many forms; some very obvious and others, very difficult to detect. Defined as “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice and/or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming” our addictive tendency is a relentless… Read more »

Transforming the Energy of Anger

By Laura Castanza and Julia George © 2009 How do we learn to deal with the most powerful and improperly expressed energy on the planet, ANGER? This emotion resides within each one of us. Yet, we either deny its existence or use it as a primary motivating force in an attempt to manipulate situations and… Read more »

Healing Family Dynamics

Healing Family Dynamics By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2009 Every year, Mothers and Fathers are celebrated on two separate, designated days in springtime where we honor two primary familial relationships; the relationship with our parents. It is at this particular time that we have the opportunity to reflect and observe exactly how far we… Read more »

Balancing the Feminine and Masculine

Balancing the Feminine and Masculine By Julia George and Laura Castanza © 2009 Feminine and masculine attributes are inherent in each one of us, regardless of gender. The balance of these energies depends on how we acknowledge and express our self in terms of their aspects. Our feminine and masculine energy is most often imbalanced… Read more »

Creating A New Mirror

Creating a New Mirror By Julia George and Laura Castanza ©2009 Personal growth manifests in many ways always involving change – changes in relationships, jobs, location, and various other circumstances that seem to “just happen” to us and around us on a daily basis.  Change, whether disruptive or desirable, is the catalyst that evokes personal… Read more »