Creating A New Mirror


Creating a New Mirror
By Julia George and Laura Castanza ©2009

Personal growth manifests in many ways always involving change – changes in relationships, jobs, location, and various other circumstances that seem to “just happen” to us and around us on a daily basis.  Change, whether disruptive or desirable, is the catalyst that evokes personal growth unless we resist; but if we choose to embrace change, we evolve from our experiences, become more expansive in our thinking, reaching new levels of consciousness that in turn changes the collective.

Relationships with each other are the most growth oriented arena in our human experience.  Because we tend to be comparative in nature, often referencing each other in ways of behavior, we create a model of conduct and ideals.  The perception of our self and subsequently how we see others from our models can hone us into areas that need transformation.  To incite what could be a delightful but more often challenging experience, would be to see the world around us, especially each other, as a mirror of our self.

What does it mean to see the world around us as a mirror of our self?  If we stop for a moment and really take look at the condition of our Planet, we can see both beauty and chaos exists.  Now, if we look more deeply at the world, we can actually feel the beauty and the chaos, and therefore become subject to our emotions.  Our concentrations are the mirror, reflecting back at us the perceptions of our self (knowingly or not)…  And we either like it or we don’t.

Feelings of injustice, judgment, or hatred that might arise from various sources of outside information, call our attention to our darker nature.  Fueled by the media and other reality programming on television, we become mirrored in ways that we are most unwilling to accept.  If we consistently tap into such programming and find our self excited yet disgusted by what we see, we must evaluate our thought process and actions to subjecting our self to such information on a daily or weekly basis by asking our self, what is our fascination?  Why are we supporting negativity by tuning in?  Do we have any control over the information provided?  What is our concentration and what is our responsibility?

Our externally driven, voyeuristic tendency is a huge distraction to self awareness, stifling our personal growth.  Through this type of viewing, we become helplessly and hopelessly enmeshed in all that is going on worldwide because this information is overwhelming and scaled beyond our control.  Any feeling of peace is quickly buried in this context.

With the world at large being a huge mirror, the smaller reflections in our day-to-day life are where our growth truly manifests as well as our control.  Our occupation/job is an excellent example.  If we are a caregiver, a professional, a teacher, a laborer, or any combination thereof, we have a certain skill level that meets the physical and/or mental function of our job.  The people we work with represent the deeper level of our being, our soul, and deliver more information about our self than we could ever experience working alone.

Because our job is a fine example of all the many facets of our being, we can effectively evaluate whether or not we are feeding our soul, or settling for what feels like “security” with everything being the same day in and day out.  If our job is challenging and supportive in terms of tasks and people, then we are experiencing steady growth and balance.  This balance should also be representative in our lives outside of our job as well, but often times we are a different person when we are sharing intimacy in emotional relationships.

If our job is mundane and/or we are experiencing difficulty with our coworkers, then we have an opportunity for growth that we may or may not realize.  If we realize this opportunity, then we can change and grow towards improving; analyzing whether we need to find another occupation and/or resolve conflict with our coworkers.  If we are victimized by any of our difficulties, we too, will be supported and our suffering will continue until the mundane becomes the wake up call of change, challenging our current beliefs. When we recognize every moment and interaction as a learning experience, we grow tremendously, and so does our world.

What we positively manifest from every encounter we have with each other, is another contribution to the greater good.  As human beings, we are all the same emotionally no matter how we appear.  Those we resonate with support who we are at the time, and those we feel in conflict are the harbingers of change.  How we navigate our self within this duality affects every one involved and our “personal growth” is really not so personal at all.

Ultimately we strive for peace and harmony.  It is the very nature of our soul.  People and how we relate to one another will truly show us how we feel about our self.  It is through each person that we experience the Mirror, as our soul asks this question whether our personality is aware or not.

Bringing our awareness into this dynamic can heal us from the core.  If no thing or one bothers us, we have accepted our self fully and inner peace and harmony has been achieved (a.k.a. Enlightenment).  Can we imagine getting to this stage?  It is possible.  It takes practice and patience; it is life long.

Once we begin to mindfully practice: Acknowledging & Identifying our Emotions, Breathing, and Self Care; we can see every situation as an opportunity for personal growth.  An encounter that may repel us at first can evolve into a peaceful encounter at another time if we dedicate our self to overcoming emotional obstacles.

The Universe promises repeated opportunities if we are unable to comfortably navigate a situation at a particular time.  Everything is relative to how we feel about our self.  Our negative and positive qualities that each of us beholds are mirrored in the human condition and the events on our planet.  Without judgment, it is simply that.

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