Healthy Relationships = Healthy Planet

Healthy Relationships = Healthy Planet
by Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2008

Relationships are the single most important element of our human experience.  How we relate to our self and each other is essentially our primary purpose.  Think about it; we are born to one another, and we often die with one another, and the time spent in between life and death is most often shared with others.  It is the relationships that you create during your life that will leave the essence of your being, contained as a memory, once you are gone.

So in this “Earth School”, we are relative to every thing.  Some leading world religions also follow this paradigm, encompassing their belief system around a connection with all.  However, despite the presence of such religious structures that cherish and honor every thing as equal, it is unfortunate that the majority of human beings do not truly feel this way, continuing to create alienation between one another and connections primarily based on unhealthy conditioned/foundational beliefs.

Separating our self from nature and other humans is indeed more common place; it is an attitude that currently plagues our planet.  Somehow and somewhere in our making as children, we became more and more isolated from our self and our environment, as our peers and family reinforce this separation due to their own fears.  The culprit, FEAR, handed down from generation to generation in both science and religion, has continuously illustrated our differences [ex. genus, species, race, sex, nationality, etc], which creates more separation with little resolve.

But this is not reality.  We are all composed of the same matter, and as human beings, we are also comprised of the same emotional body including: love, fear, joy, sorrow, happiness, despair, excitement, laziness, judgment etc.  And as we implicate our emotions into matter and each other, we add a complete twist to our experiences.  If you don’t think this is true, just think about all the things you bind/attach your self emotionally to, such as people, places, and things, and consider what they mean to you.   Make a list.

So everything on your list is what you “relate” to somehow.  The people may consist of family, friends, lover; places may be your home town, vacation spots, or your place of business; things may be your home, garden, car, boat, etc.  How you relate to every thing ultimately gauges how healthy you relate to the world.  It is your attachment to all the above that will determine your happiness or misery when all is lost or dead.

But before we go there, we must understand that we consciously seek out the people, places, and things that “make” us feel good; and by doing so, we begin to create an illusion of our own well being.  Why?  Because this quest is external. {It is also important to understand that at an unconscious or subconscious level we seek out the necessary experiences in our lives to help us grow and heal.}  Looking for happiness from the outside, we actually hold all the things around us responsible for OUR happiness.  This thought process couldn’t be further from the truth, and will inevitably lead us to a life unfulfilled.

In reality, happiness, contentment, inner peace, and well being can only manifest from the inside out.  Without the foundation to feel whole within our self, our quest for happiness through external means is as unquenchable as drinking sea water.  We’re left spiritually starving if our beliefs carry us away from cultivating true peace within.  Whether or not we had a strong foundation of self awareness growing up, we CAN learn to become whole no matter what age we are presently.
Discovering the truth is your life purpose.  Truth is derived only from your own self inquiry that creates experiences that will ultimately lead you to becoming a positive and contributing force on the planet.  This journey involves every one and every thing on Earth; and it revolves around our relationships.  If we choose, we may attract people that support the old ways of thinking inherent in our family, OR we may attract those more progressive through our own initiation to embark on a journey towards truth.

The path is met with both acceptance and resistance; and there will be both past and present characters (people) who exhibit the qualities we are working to become as well as the ones that are old and outdated.  Life will present this type of fork in the road repeatedly, prompting more questions about who we really are.  Each answer changes the course of our path subtly or drastically and is often met w/ some resistance with those who have known us for a long time.  Perseverance takes us out of the familiar comfort zone (although it is usually a dull pain we’ve endured for years), the illusion of safety, and thrusts us into the river of Life.  And although amazing, it is not easily actualized.  It requires all the effort we’ve ever put forth into anything in our lives, and must be consistently maintained or we risk falling into the abyss of illusion once again.

Once we embark on a soul journey that goes beyond the limits of our past beliefs, we will find the support systems in place to encourage and assist us on our path.  All we have to do is show up and dedicate our self to the process.

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