Workshops consist of 8 – 10 persons maximum, who are interested in healing with others in a small group setting. The intention to heal through sharing creates a cohesive connection and conscious support system for each individual and the planet.


Transforming Anger

“If Anger is in your life, it’s in you.”

This four week interactive workshop will address the most powerful and improperly expressed emotion that exists and operates within us all, Anger.

  • Identifying anger within our self and others.
  • Becoming aware of our thought process and emotions as anger presents itself in our daily life.
  • Learning how to defuse anger through conscious communication.
  • Practicing Creative Conflict Resolution – bringing our self and others to higher consciousness.

Relationship Recovery

Whether you are in a intimate relationship or not, this workshop explores all kinds of relationships. Explore the depths of your relating styles, identifying addictive, unhealthy, codependent patterns, and resolve to improve your relationship with yourself and others. Becoming aware that our unconscious emotional responses are linked to repeated cycles of behavior, we can change the negative patterns that may be controlling our lives.

Journey to The Center Shadow Work

Shadow work is conflict resolution of the highest order

  • Healing the conflict between our subconscious drive and our conscious action, creating inner peace and harmony.
  • Learning how you really operate beneath the surface through self awareness, acceptance, and mastery.
  • Learning conscious communication and coping skills;illuminating the dark side and increasing authenticity.
  • Experiencing life fully (dark and light), removing the judgment.

Conscious Journey for Men

Explore the depths of your soul energy, identify conditioned masculine roles and patterns, and resolve to improve your life and relationships. Being aware that our unconscious repeated cycles of behavior can create obstacles, we can awaken to discover your spiritual self in the physical world.

One on One Sessions

Private sessions offer a direct and personal experience in healing through your own unique story. Once a week for four (4) weeks will remarkably alter your life for the better. Continuance is on the basis of support and/or new challenges arising from your evolution.


Spirituality 101

Are you just beginning your spiritual journey? Here is where you ask for and receive all the information you need to decide which way resonates within your soul. One on one in the Healing Room only.

One-on-One in the Healing Room

The physical presence of teacher and student diving deeper into your story and everything positive that comes from that presence.

One-on-One Skype

Skype has allowed people to connect for free all over the world and now healing has taken a leap forward.

In the comfort of your own space and a more intimate experience without the energy of others to distract you.

Private Groups Sessions

Private groups are great for those who want to feel secure with people they know. Truths are unveiled and everything changes from communication style to expectations of others.


Couples, Friends, or Family Members in the Healing Room

Two people in an important relationship realize an unending conflict in their relationship and both commit to healing it.

Private Group Hosted Locally

In a local healing center or private residence, sharing with others in a collaborative setting without judgment. Eight (8) persons maximum.

Private Group in the Healing Room

Sharing with others in a collaborative setting without judgment. Eight (8) persons maximum.

Conflict Resolution

Specializing in resolving interpersonal/professional dynamics that are hindering the progress of any organization or relationship. Julia is able to initiate change(s) and accountability needed to move everyone forward through honest dialogue and shared perspective. Team building is also available to grow organizations by unifying and/or expanding their personnel.

All potential students receive a free 45 minute consultation to discuss the commitment level necessary to move forward. This is where we meet and decide… by phone, on Skype, or in person.