How We Became


AquarianAge LLC was conceived in 2005, by two great friends on a mission; to blend art and spirituality under one roof in a city that had an image of superficiality and materialism. No small feat, as making money was needed to keep the business alive, and cultivating positive, creative, and spiritual, connections was the main intention.

The ease and flow in the creation of the gallery was flawless and Julia George and Laura Castanza manifested the most magical and eye appealing art and craft showcase ever… Art, Music and Spirituality… Working with hundreds of local artists, hosting amazing openings, and always generating positive energy. As the Universe would have it!

Meanwhile, in a cozy little side room in the gallery, Julia manifested her gift for emotional healing at a soul level and began attracting the deeper and more inquisitive. Workshops and One on One sessions began to grow and the gallery became an artist’s co operative to support itself through its growing pains.

In 2008 when fear and doubt was taking over the country with the ending of current political administrations, and the beginning of more uncertainty, AquarianAge as a business needing those years to propel them forward, had no option but to release the financial burden.

But the true intention of “AquarianAge” can never be released because those two words mean “The Transformation of the Universe Through Individual Healing” And the real “work” is supported by the universe to continue reaching those who are seeking true awareness, true healing. This is what will transform the consciousness of planet earth through each one of us who choose this path! No small feat again…

Welcome to AquarianAgeAwareness!
We hope you will join us whenever you are ready to live in the light of truth, no matter how difficult the path, and reach the part of you that is waiting to shine its light on this world.

In Joy, In Peace, In Love!