Unifying Duality


by Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2016

The “One World” view typically relates to world peace through unified human action.  It is portrayed to be something we participate in externally outside of our self, when the complete opposite is true; it’s an inside job.  Our existence is dualistic in nature – wrong and right, shadow and light – which is the cause of our separation. In reality it is a mirror of our own fragmented self.  This is described as a “fall from grace” in religion and labeled a “disorder” by mental health experts.  However we choose to define it, is not nearly as important as healing it.  To become aware of all our potential within (the positive and negative), is the beginning of healing our deepest wounds, and creates wholeness the world will embrace and become.

Most of the time, we do not see duality within our own being and react definitively with our single perspective.  We pass judgment without thought, and criticism without empathy never understanding the “stories” of others’ lives. Yet, we demonstrate a lack of wholeness in how we connect with others (looking for “the one”, or others to complete and define us), and then alienate those whom we perceive to be different from us.  This fractured feeling in our experience can be healed so that we may live an integrated life in health and wholeness.

The division occurs between the Ego and the Spirit.  The ego is our primal function to survive in the physical world, while the Spirit is the innate connection to the Universe.  They grapple only when we are conflicted in thought (the head) and feeling (the heart).  This stems from our story and our decisions combined with our actions either support this conflict, or propels us into higher consciousness and healing.  Why would we prefer pain over ease, chaos over consciousness?  Familiarity.

Familiarity refers to that which we know, “family”. It is the foundation of our life which includes relatives, caregivers, friends, and peers.  Our mindset is conditioned by those of influence in our formative years, and we work within those confines to survive and hopefully thrive.  We already have a predisposition to the order of things that have unfolded for us thus far.  If we are in our ego, we believe we are the center of events, but if our spirit is awakened, then we are more in tune to the rhythm of the Universe and see our self as a creator of our reality.

There exists a delicate balance between our head and heart that we are responsible in maintaining.  Knowledge and knowing is a cold, hard place if the heart is not involved (a lack of experiential learning); and we can easily shut the heart down and fill our head with countless facts, responses, and conclusions based on pains we would rather not experience again.  Many times, we justify our conviction and stance because of negative feelings, yet not take responsibility for the events that caused them.  It’s cause and effect, and if we do not move beyond our ego to the spiritual significance of events, the lesson remains unlearned.

When we look at our belief system, is it bound by convictions, or open to possibilities?  “Yes” and “No” represent two ends of a spectrum of unknowns that surprise us in many ways defined as “maybe”. In what may seem a black and white world, the “maybe” constitutes the gray areas of life.  Yet if we are not open to what could be, we experience dramatic displays of duality and opposition in life.  There is an element of fascination and addiction to this extreme.  Physically we feel a rush of adrenaline, and emotionally we’re validated as a hero or victim, switching our role subconsciously to satisfy the ego’s desire.  We seek instant gratification even in the unhealthiest fashion to meet our “needs” that have no basis in the reality of survival.

Truth and lies are another spectrum we subconsciously swing in between in our duality.  There is Universal Truth, personal truth and lies.  It’s been said that “Every belief has a ‘lie’ in it.”  This is a Universal Truth; this is the duality of our existence we are encouraged to accept.  When we accept, THEN we can experience true peace and authenticity as we participate in the flow of life.

Humans have developed belief systems intended as spiritual guidelines to live in higher consciousness (spirit) or as a means of social control (ego).  There is a fine line in the freedom of our spiritual connection based on equality and the negativity we create in hierarchal establishments that fragment our species through a concentration of differences for physical gain.  If we are not aware, we are participating in the latter.  This again creates an imbalance in feeding the ego and depriving the spirit.  The solution is through our awakening to unify duality.

Once we become aware and see our higher purpose, we are humbled by our actions leading to the path we now choose to embark upon.  This is often the result of an event that ignited our awakening: an accident, injury, separation, sobriety… Humility is surrender, and the only direction is up!  Gratitude is the next level in achieving wholeness.

Expressing gratitude through “thanks”, is an important aspect in bringing us together.  It is acknowledgement, to others and the Universe, that we are equal, keeping us all on a level playing field.  The opposite expression of gratitude is entitlement, for which we have none.  No one owes us anything.  Everything we do is voluntary through our choices, first at a soul level and then a human level when we are adults.  Karma is the result of our choices.  It can be positive, negative, or neutral, and can change at any time.  A benevolent Universe offers countless opportunities, illuminating our path. We only need to be open in heart and mind equally to catch on. There is no return to slumber from here.

As soul benefactors, we must remain connected to the Universe in which duality plays out yet again through “being” and “doing”. When being, we are receptive to energy and messaging…that which is going on around us.  In doing, we are actively engaged in the process.  We must balance the two, not becoming lazy in being or overextended in doing.  This is the middle road.

We are only able to balance through our awareness.  Knowing we can tip the scales at any time, we must strive to keep our self in health and wholeness.  Unifying duality is the most difficult task, but one with the greatest payoff: PEACE!

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