“Working with Julia has given me insight…tools…and courage…”


Julia has extraordinary intuition & laser focused awareness; my work with her has given me the insight to understand the patterns in my life that divert me from my own peace and joy, the tools to break up those patterns, and the courage to forgive myself, and everyone else.

It’s an iterative process; becoming aware of the patterns has not made them go away, and sometimes I am still surprised with how far along an old path I have gone before I see the pattern. The great news for me is that I do become aware, and I have the tool kit that Julia built with me. I can reach in and use those tools to make the changes that adjust my path back to my own peace.

I find it fascinating that it is easier for me to forgive others than it is to forgive myself. Julia as helped me to say “Hello old friend”, instead of “why the hell am I here AGAIN!” and then it gets easier to forgive myself, laugh, and move forward.

Lorelei W. ~ Artist

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